Systemic Risk in the Media

We present hereafter a selected list of articles on systemic risk and related topics published in the press (please feel free to contact us to provide us with the latest information). You can also find a selection of videos about systemic risk, from some of the most important researchers in this field.

Articles in the Press Specialized in Systemic Risk

  • Financial Post

    Financial Post
    Systemic Federal Risk: Canada has no need of rational securities regulator

    The federal minister of finance is wrong to think a national securities commission would lower risk...
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    Canada’s top banking watchdog takes aim at biggest banks’ retail risk management

    An official at Canada’s top banking regulator says the country’s biggest financial institutions need to do a better job managing risks within their individual retail business lines, and communicating these risks to the board of directors...
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  • Financial Times

    Financial Times
    Time to find out hard way if asset management is systemic risk

    Effective regulatory crackdown may come too late...
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    Fund managers hold the potential for systemic risk

    If they amplify market cycles they contribute to broad-based risk...
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    Finance briefing: systemic risk is a model problem

    Investing requires people to make trade-offs between expected risk and expected return. Consequently, many investors have turned to sophisticated models to help develop their expectations. Ron Rimkus evaluates why models only capture risk relative to the market...
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    Lloyd’s chairman warns on "systemic risk" of capital rush

    The chairman of Lloyd’s of London has warned of the danger that a rush of capital into the insurance industry will cause “systemic problems”...
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    ETF providers attack systemic risk warnings

    Exchange traded fund providers have hit back at regulators’ claims that “synthetic” ETFs could pose a threat to the stability of global financial markets....
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    Credit Suisse Chief Brady Dougan warns on systemic risk

    Brady Dougan, Credit Suisse’s chief executive, is a member of an unintentionally exclusive club. Alongside Jamie Dimon at JPMorgan and Lloyd Blankfein at Goldman Sachs, he is one of only three...
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    Thirty financial groups on systemic risk list

    Thirty global financial institutions make up a list that regulators are earmarking for cross-border supervision exercises, the Financial Times has learnt....
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  • The Australian

    The Australian
    No systemic risk to China banks: ANZ

    ANZ China chief executive Charles Li has downplayed any systemic risk to the country’s banking system from what has been described as a real estate recession...
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  • The Economist

    The Economist
    Are asset managers a source of systemic risk?

    RISK can appear in all sorts of places in the financial sector. As Michael Lewis points out in his latest book, stockmarkets are now dominated by high-frequency traders, an activity for which there is precious little economic justification....
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    Counterparty controversy

    It has taken almost two years, but the debate over the restructuring of American finance has at last reached the issue at the heart of the industry's reregulation: systemic risk. The idea is simple, the execution controversial. Policymakers want to help prevent...
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  • The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Focus on asset managers highlights bad behavior by S.E.C.

    When a financial titan like Laurence D. Fink lobbies Washington, the natural instinct is to make sure the citizenry pats itself down to check that everyone still has their wallets...
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    Group forms to urge strict oversight of Wall Street

    Efforts to increase and improve regulation of Wall Street have bogged down, according to Sheila C. Bair, the former chairwoman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. On Wednesday, she will announce a new group, the Systemic Risk Council, that will monitor and encourage...
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Videos about Systemic Risk

Professor Rama Cont (Imperial College London) discusses how mathematical modelling can provide insights on systemic risk, financial regulation and financial stability.

Source: Youtube, Imperial College London.

Professor Robert Engle (NYU Stern) discusses about financial stability, and how does China measure up.

Source: Youtube, New Economic Thinking.

Professor Doyne Farmer (Santa Fe Institute) speaking at the breakout panel entitled "Taking Stock of Complexity Economics: Which Problems Does It Illuminate?" at the Institute for New Economic Thinkings (INET) Paradigm Lost Conference in Berlin. April 14, 2012.

Source: Youtube, New Economic Thinking.

Professor Eugene Stanley (Boston University Physics). "What Can We Do Before the Next Economic Crisis?". Invited Talk, International Workshop on Modeling High-Frequency Trading Activity, Banff, Alberta, Canada, 1-6 September 2013.

Source: Boston University Center for Polymer Studies Department of Physics.

"Perspectives on systemic risk"

Source: Youtube, SRC Video Channel.


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